New Asset to Immokalee’s Library

The Immokalee library has just hired a new branch manager, Georgeann McNatt Gosch. Originally from Orlando, Georgeann has been interested in the library all of her life. However, when she originally went to college to become a doctor. She stopped going to college after she met her husband and took time off from school to […]

A Big Inspiration to Village Oaks Elementary

Volunteers and staff at Village Oaks Elementary, (VOE), have made a commitment to spruce up the bridge, from Farm Worker’s Village, crossing over route 29, to VOE’s campus. The change was essential since the majority of VOE students walk across the bridge to and from school. Although, from the outside, the bridge looks the same […]

NFL Flag Registration

(Looking forward to another wonderful season) It’s that time of year again when children need to sign up for NFL Flag. NFL Flag is a flag football league sponsored by the NFL. Flag football is a growing sport because of concussions, states are proposing to stop tackle football in high school. NFL Flag is a […]

FEA Stops in Immokalee

Members of the Florida Education Association are traveling around the state to raise awareness about several items that concern Florida teachers. Although Florida is ranked 9th in USA economies, Florida teaching salaries rank 46th in the country. This caused a shortage of 3,500 teachers statewide, leaving more than 300,000 students being taught by a non-certified […]

Some Free Summer Events

With school finished for the summer, students are left to find things to entertain themselves. While there are many local events that are low cost, over the course of the summer, these events could add up and end up costing a small fortune. However, there are several free events around the county. First, the local […]

Dreamcatchers raising aspirations for local youth

In 2014, The Immokalee 1 by 1 Leadership Foundation began seeking students who were interested in giving back to their community. They molded these students by giving them “responsibility, focus and motivation necessary for success in their chosen fields.” Then they inspired some youth to take on an entrepreneurship and start the Taste of Immokalee, […]

Kids on the Go Fun Run

Throughout the semester, several Collier County Elementary students ran the equivalent to a marathon, 26.2 miles. Last Wednesday, December 12, students crowded Gulf Coast High school to participate in“ The last mile” run. The main sponsor of the event 95210 Kids on the Go! Program. The children know that 95210 stands for the zip code […]

NFL Flag football kicks off their 2018/2019 Season

On Saturday December 1st, NFL Flag football started their first practice of the season. Sponsored by Fellowship Sports Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Immokalee, NFL Flag was developed by the National Football encourage children ages 5 – 14 to become physically active in a non-contact sport. The league is one of many […]

NFL Flag begins their 2018/2019 Season

On Saturday December 1, the Fellowship Sports Ministry from the First Baptist Church of Immokalee will start its first NFL flag football practice of the season. Season officially begins on December the 8. Immokalee’s flag football league is a part of NFL Flag, which has several co-ed flag football leagues throughout the country. NFL Flag […]

4-H: Adapting to the ever-growing needs of Youth

Established as an after school agriculture program in the early 1900’s, the 4-H Association has been dedicated to encouraging youth to thrive in their communities “… to develop the citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth through experiential learning programs and a positive youth development approach.” Still noted for their agriculture programs, 4-H clubs […]