Crime Alert – A message from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office

Over the past week the Collier County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of thefts in Immokalee where the victim was selling electronics online. The victims in these cases were selling items such as cellphones or laptops on the popular Letgo app. Deputies say the sellers agreed to meet the buyers in various residential areas […]

Prepare for Graduation with safety in mind

With graduation ceremonies approaching, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office reminds teens and their parents to celebrate safely. Deputies say it is important for parents, teens and party hosts to understand the laws in order to keep everyone safe. Some parents host after-graduation parties where alcohol is provided, thinking that they can better protect teens by […]

Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign is in force

Wearing your seat belt not only saves lives, it can also save you from getting a ticket. It used to be officers could only ticket unbuckled drivers if they had been stopped for another violation. Now, you can be pulled over simply for not wearing your seat belt. As a reminder to drivers, the annual […]

Utilizing science and technology to improve local K-9 skills

K-9 Officers and their partners train and work hard everyday to protect us. A specialized faction of these officers are dedicated to explosive detection work, and innovative methods of training have grown exponentially over the past few years. The Regional Explosives Detection Dog Initiative (REDDI) Science and Technology Program invited law enforcement from all over […]