TIF uses virtual technology to help students

The Immokalee Foundation(TIF) is employing virtual technology to overcome the challenges of school cancellations, work-from-home operations, and social distancing guidelines to ensure hundreds of Immokalee students remain connected to career-oriented programs, curriculum, and mentoring during COVID-19. The foundation secured 70 laptops in two days to distribute to those students who otherwise wouldn’t have online access, […]

Executive order causes confusion

OKEECHOBEE – From just about every person you ask about the meaning of Executive Order 20-72, issued on March 20, 2020, as it pertains to medical procedures, you will get a completely different opinion. As I began writing this story, I mentioned I was checking to see if chiropractors were open, and someone said, “Is […]

Students First – Schools to remain closed until May 1

This week, the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education has directed all public schools in Florida to continue to be closed through May 1, 2020. Therefore, Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) campuses will remain CLOSED to all students from Monday, March 30 through Friday, May 1. Additional school closures will be re-evaluated by the […]

Seniors use caution when shopping

OKEECHOBEE – Recently, many stores instituted a senior shopping hour in an effort to make shopping safer for some of our most vulnerable citizens. In some cases, though, this effort may have backfired as stores are packed with shoppers during this time period. In many cases there are more shoppers during senior hour than there […]

Governor directs Floridians to ‘limit movements’ Hunting, fishing and hiking still allowed

TALLAHASSEE — In an April 1 press conference, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced an executive order “directing all Floridians to limit movements and personal interactions outside the home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or to conduct essential activities.” “We’re going to be in this for another 30 days,” said the governor. […]

Toilet Paper Worries

There are many mind-boggling things in this 21st Century – space travel, global warming, can humans ever get to a point where they don’t see a benefit in killing each other. Life changing, history making issues. Toilet paper should not be in that category. That’s right. Of all the unimaginable things there are in this […]

Guest Commentary American farmers keep this country going

By Gary Ritter Florida Farm Bureau Even when the world is in full-blown crisis mode under the effects of war, natural disasters or disease, the American farmer keeps going and never shuts down. Yes, it’s true. The American farmer, grower and rancher provides all of us with three-plus meals a day. It’s also true that […]

Students First – CCPS is committed to supporting children and families

With school being out until April 15, Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is committed to supporting children and families in continuous learning. CCPS began its transition to virtual/online continuous learning for students this week (March 23-27). Information related to this week’s activities, as well as any future updates, may be found on the CCPS Continuous […]

Chamber of Commerce hosts Appreciation Banquet

On February 17, the Immokalee Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted an “Appreciation Dinner” for its’ members and the community. The Banquet was held at Lozano’s Mexican Restaurant @ 405 New Market Rd. in Immokalee, Florida The Chamber sponsored only 100 Donation tickets to be sold. The tickets included: Rib-Eye Steak Dinners for two with all […]

The Florida Highway Patrol has located a car they believe was involved in a deadly hit and run in Immokalee. Troopers say a 70-year-old Gloria Simplice was struck and killed on Tuesday, March 24 as she was walking eastbound on the crosswalk on SR 29 and Farmers Way. The driver of an older model Mercury […]