Scientists studying crippling tomato disease seek prevention

By Brad BuckSpecial to the Immokalee BulletinA destructive disease known as bacterial spot can ruin tomatoes anywhere it strikes. That’s why University of Florida scientists want to understand how the pathogen that causes the disease spreads and evolves on farms. A couple of quick statistics illustrate the importance of tomatoes to Florida’s agricultural economic sector: […]

It’s a complicated journey from field to fork

By Jack Payne We have people going hungry within an hour’s drive of fields where crops are rotting. It shouldn’t be that way. The thing is, it’s a complicated journey from field to fork. The customers of a Lee County farm may be at a hotel, or aboard a cruise ship. Those customers vanish with […]

Drone images detect two tomato diseases with 99 percent accuracy

By Brad Buck Special to the Immokalee Bulletin IMMOKALEE – New technology being developed by University of Florida scientists identifies two dangerous tomato diseases with 99 percent accuracy. This finding is critical because diseases can cost growers millions of dollars annually in the state’s third most valuable crop. Thus, the earlier farmers detect those ailments, […]